5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Gehraiyaan?

(As a neutral viewer, movie enthusiastic, and writer, I shared some reasons why I liked Gehraiyaan. The article reflects a little glimpse of the movie and doesn’t contain any spoilers. Must read.)

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

How many times we have watched toxic Bollywood movies where they have glorified cheating. They have shown Indian audiences that cheating on your partner in a relationship is fun and okay. However, now the audience has become mature and knows what content they deserve. Therefore, when the trailer of the movie launched, there were speculations that this movie will glorify something as serious as Infidelity. So, is the Gehraiyaan movie bad and glorify cheating? Read more in this article.


Besides these five reasons, Gehraiyaan is somewhat flawed as well. However, in my opinion, the movie is worth watching. Also, as lead actors claimed that it has something new to offer to Indian audiences, it is not the case. Let me know what you think of this movie and whether you also have similar thoughts as I have reflected. Do you think this movie glorified cheating?



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