5 Worst Bollywood Movies No One Should Watch

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We already have seen the 10 best Bollywood movies everyone should watch in the previous article I mentioned movies that won the hearts of billions. Those movies were inspiring, motivating, thrilling and adventurous. Also, revealed how those movies were way ahead of their time and are included in everyone’s ‘favourite movies’ list.
In this article, we are going to explore five Bollywood movies that should not be watched by anyone and should stay miles away as they are a complete debacle. These Bollywood movies are highly criticized for their lackluster performance, no storyline, illogical or boring plot, bad music, etc. Also, audiences hated them and some became meme material. (All the movies mentioned are equally worst, so there’s no ranking in particular)
1. Grand Masti: Released in 2013, the movie’s plot revolves around three friends who are not happy with their lives and they join college to have some fun with young girls but eventually get into trouble. The movie is intended to be an adult comedy but is immensely vulgar and its dialogues will make your skin crawl. Lead actors of this movie did try to give their best but the poor writing, cheap shots, objectification of women and cringy dialogues anyways make it worst. The movie truly has made its place in the worst movies of the decade.
2. Race 3: Released in 2018, Race 3 is the third installment of the blockbuster movie franchise Race. The movie’s plot revolves around, well, there’s no plot. The story of this movie changes every minute leaving the audience baffled. The writers of the film may call it ‘Plot twists’ as the movie comes under the thriller genre but after some minutes into the film, you lost all the thrill due to its poor execution. The songs, direction, performance, writing, choreography, childish dialogues, etc. everything is worst and became meme material. However, the film was a huge success at Box Office.
3. Coolie №1 (2020 Remake): Released in 2020, an official remake of classic movie Coolie №1. It won’t be wrong to say that this movie completely ruined the fun original had due to poor and overacting performance by actors. Be it acting, music, outdated plot, everything adds spices in making this movie’s worst remake ever. When you attempt to remake a cult classic that has been watched multiple times by an audience already, you need to be careful and innovative in making it unique despite being a remake. This movie is a failure and everyone should stay away from this one.
4. Joker: Released in 2012, the plot revolves around a man and his girlfriend attempting to improve the situation of people in a village that are scared of the rumors related to aliens. No matter how interesting the story may seem the execution is equally poor. Plus the bad direction and dumbness this movie reflects are cherry on the cake, making it worse than ever. The cringy acting at some parts is unwatchable. So, it is advisable to stay away from this movie.
5. Humshakal: Released in 2014, the movie’s plot shows how illogical a movie can be made, thanks to its poor writing and bad direction which ultimately resulted in poor execution. The movie is dumb, boring, way cringy due to the number of stereotypical jokes created, offensive sexual representation and the list goes on. The team of this film has worked on its music but it cannot save the movie as worst as Humshakal. The movie was highly criticized by critics and audiences.
Well, not all the movies need to be good as the cycle of good and bad goes on and the same concept is applied here. These were some of the worst movies Bollywood has made and people should stay away from them. The list goes on and on, as more movies are bad and unwatchable. Again, all the movies mentioned in this article are equally the worst.

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