A Girl on Social Media

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

“Wow! what a bright day. Such mornings bring enthusiasm and encouragement to make the day productive.” Said Himanshi while waking up as she has plans to go on a picnic to Matheran with her friends.
Himanshi has just started her career as an Investigative Journalist and has chosen a very controversial topic at the very beginning itself. She is a confident, bold woman with never give up attitude. Her only motto in life is to fear nobody but God. Yesterday she posted an article on her Twitter account about her findings on the political party’s agenda and she hasn’t checked her phone yet which has big surprises that await her.
She was heading for her friend’s house where they all have decided to meet, she checked her mobile phone. As soon as she switched on the phone, the plethora of notifications bombarded which scared her. Abuses, curses, rape threats, threatening phone calls, messages, death threats, etc, followed. She was disgusted when she read those tweets and began crying profusely. She headed back to her parent’s house to seek comfort and calm. For the next few days, she remained with them completely depressed. The sudden turn of events shook her to the core and she decided to take mental health.
“Why no one supported me? Why literally no one took a stand about all the hatred I was facing? Am I not even allowed to share my views peacefully? I was scared that what if someone knocks on the door and murder me and my family. Social media is not safe for anyone’s well-being especially if you are expressive and bold or WOMAN.
Let’s not make anyone’s social media handles so dirty and disgusting. Ignore if you don’t like someone’s views or opinions. Not everyone has the same opinion. If you witness any such hateful comments, try to defend them because our conscience does tell us what’s Right and what’s Wrong.



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