Bursting myths Associated with Lesbianism and Feminism

It’s Pride Month: June. Here’s an awareness article regarding lesbianism and feminism and the myths associated with it.

Photo by Chewy on Unsplash

It’s the 21st Century and in the year 2021, same-sex marriages are legal in many parts of the world and people have started to believe that there’s nothing wrong, sinful, and ill (as it was believed for many centuries) about being attracted to the same sex. Slowly and gradually some people are evolving and accepting this fact, it’s just that many of them have fed false information from their ancestors so it takes time to digest the correct knowledge. While it’s 2021, there are some myths associated with people relating Lesbianism to feminism and giving wrong and disgusting information about them. If we talk about stereotypes that are there for many years which have been shown to us through movies, shows, etc. well, the content that has been served to us is extremely cringing. (there are exceptions too)

Let’s look into some stereotypes regarding lesbianism:

Above mentioned sentences are myths and people have been blindly following them.

Why does this happen? Well, the answer is because of the lack of education in society. People inherit such thoughts, then they talk the same with the people they interact leading to narrow-mindedness among many.

Now talking about feminism, it simply means equality in society in terms of opportunities as same as men. Some cringe-worthy shows and movies have shown us feminism is only associated with sex which is wrong at many levels. Due to this, some people now make fun of feminism and troll anyone talking about it. There’s a lot of negativity, hatred, and lack of knowledge leading to toxicity. I can understand some content is wrong which is making us believe that feminism is wrong or it is the community of women-hating other men but it’s our responsibility too to find out the meaning and gaining knowledge rather than spreading hate even when you don’t know anything about it. Also, a man can be a feminist too and there’s nothing to be ashamed of it. After all, we live in a society together, so let’s lift each other and support.

Let’s make each other more educated, aware and try to remove hatred. No one has the right to question anyone’s sexuality. We can do our bit. Most importantly don’t believe anything blindly. Do your research first then pass comments because your silly comment can hurt someone.



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