Ever heard about Phishing in Cyber Security?
A person asked his friend ‘will you reveal your mobile password for anyone who can access it worth a billion dollars?’ The answer was a no. Why? Well, because our mobile phones contain all the important information that might lead us to the majority of troubles if not protected. Passwords, username, Debit or credit card numbers, UPI codes, social media accounts, contact numbers, private or intimate photos, etc. which we don’t want anyone to access; but the crime to obtain all this information in an unethical way by some attacker/hacker is phishing. A huge cybercrime. In fishing, we lure fishes by giving appropriate bait and in phishing with the ph, we lure people in sending them tricky emails. It was first discovered in the late 80s and its number increased with the increase of technology over time.
You know it’s a saying that attacking anyone’s personal data is easy than defending it. The estimated cost of cybercrime this year is around 68985 billion rupees. Shocking! Right? But it’s the truth and proof that our privacy is just a joke.
Attackers obtain this information through fraudulent emails or unknown links, so better be careful while clicking any unknown link because you don’t know but someone is waiting for you to click the link. There are compromised websites too, you should always check if the connection to the website you are using is secure or not. If not then close the website right away and don’t put any important data such as email ID, password. Phishing sounds very similar to ‘Fishing’ because they are actually similar but in similar dynamics. The attackers tried several ways to attack, so now we have a variety of phishing attacks. We’ll know more about each of them in the coming blogs.
To mitigate the number of such attacks on your device always upload anti-virus software and basic solutions. We should try our best to protect our data and we can achieve security. Tip: Always keep strong passwords wherever you log in.

Photo by Arget on Unsplash

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