Everything You Need to Learn about Netiquettes

Photo by Dan Nelson on Unsplash

Ever heard about the term ‘Netiquettes’? Let’s understand it closely.
Netiquettes are Internet Ethics everyone using the internet has to follow whether they are surfing, shopping, interacting with other internet users, communicating, etc. One has to be responsible enough being on the internet as it connects billions of peoples, so some rules have been made to ensure safety. People from any part of the country are connected through technology with the help of the internet. With the good thing, comes bad and that’s what happened with the internet. Rules are made to govern actions and to maintain discipline, which netizens need to follow. Let’s look into some of these rules:
a. Suppose, we are at a party and not liking the dress a woman is wearing, do we go to her and give her character certification on her face? No. So why we can’t behave the same way on the internet? We should follow the same standards online too.
b. Be polite on social media. Giving an opinion is one thing, but abusing is completely wrong.
c. Internet can be boon if used properly. Help others as you are connected to many.
d. Most important thing, respect everyone’s privacy and be careful while sharing your private information.
e. Internet is a power that can change your life and has changed many, so use it the rightful way.
We learned what’s Netiquettes and some basic rules, but some people don’t follow these rules and commit crimes: Cybercriminal. What are those crimes? How severe are they? At what depth they attack our privacy? Let’s know.
Phishing: The crime to hack someone’s private data and information through a bait in an unethical way by some attacker/hacker is phishing. Phishing is the most dangerous crime, cybercriminals use many ways to attack a person’s cyberspace.
Bullycide: Being bullied on the internet which ultimately results in suicide, is bullycide (Bully+Suicide). This can be seen in a majority of teens and children exposed to the internet world, and their peers bullying them some way or other. It mostly attacks the mental health of kids which can lead to dangerous steps.
Cyberstalking: cyberstalking is similar to stalking but it’s stalking online. Criminal also threatens the victim revealing their personal information on the internet through email, website, or photos also known as Cyberbullying. This is a very common crime on social media for which a complaint should be done.
What are the laws to ensure Netiquettes and to punish cyber criminals?
Crimes such as phishing, bullycide, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, terrorism are punishable offences. The Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act), is enacted to punish e-commerce related crimes. Harassment, mental assortment, defamation, attack of confidentiality, etc. crimes are punishable too and are based on the level of severity.
So they say that technology has connected many lives together but the reality is different. People tend to spread more hatred being the unknown face rather than spreading positivity. As a netizen, we need to understand these netiquettes and try to create a better world. If you see an abusive comment on social media, report immediately, do your bit. Spread the positivity in every way possible. Respect everyone’s privacy.