Who are Internet Service Providers?

How are we able to access the Internet? Well, ISP is an organization that provides Internet access to the users which also allows them to access several things i.e. using social media accounts, surfing, enabling internet services. They act like a bridge giving access to their users and giving them the way to provide everything available on the internet Whatever data is transmitted by the user first goes to ISPs. In the same way, all the data transmitted from the user pass through ISPs. . So yes, they can see everything that we do online. They can keep an eye on the activities their users do on the internet daily.

Photo by Leon Seibert on Unsplash

Now let’s look at the history of ISP:

Let’s see how they are classified:

As they have access to all our data, they are restricted from participating in any illegal activities. They are informed to run their business most ethically and if they are accessing our data, it should be for valid reasons only. ISPs have to respect their user’s privacy but we cannot know if they do which raises big privacy concerns!



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